DIY Core Aeration Is Aerating Your Lawn Worth It?

Local master contractors - Local Contractor Blogs - For cool season grasses, that time is late summer into early fall, making sure to allow at least a month of growing time before the threat of frost sets in. . According to information provided by Bayer Advanced, the best time to aerate a lawn is prior to a period of vigorous growth, during which the lawn can best recover from the disruption intentionally created by the aeration process. What differs somewhat is the timing. Virtually all U. S. regions and all common turfgrasses can benefit from regular aeration. For warm season grassses, late spring to early summer is your best bet ..More

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Is it Too Late to Apply Nitrogen Fertilizer to Warm Season Grasses?

Locate industrial contractors - Do's N Don't's - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - Another problem with fertilizing later in the fall is that it may increase the number of cool-season weeds that germinate. Weeds like henbit, common chickweed and Shepherd's Purse are considered winter annuals and will grow and spread while the desired grasses have slowed down growing. ..More

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Found A Smelly Dark Tip Fungus? It's Dog Stinkhorn!

List Of emergency contractors - Tips - Service Advice - Repair, Maintenance & installation - If you were to look closely enough, you would find that the eggs are attached to the soil by white cords called rhizomorphs. While many stinkhorn fungus varieties are found in wooded areas, the Dog Stinkhorn can also be found among leaves and mulch as well as in rich, cultivated soils such as may be found in your lawn and landscape beds. Dog Stinkhorn mushrooms sprout from an off-white, tough, egg-shaped structure that develops at the ground level or slightly below, often amongst the leaves and mulch and usually out of sight. ..More

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Lookout and Prevent Fall Armyworms On Your Lawn!

Find industrial contractors - Repair Tech Blogs - . This can happen up to four times in extreme southern climates, where the Fall Armyworm is a more constant threat. After feeding, they burrow into the soil and evolve, first into pupae and then into adult moths. When the larvae emerge, they begin feeding and growing, moving in groups as they exhaust their food sources. The next generation moves on and repeats the cycle. Armyworms lay many eggs in many different places. Up north, a single generation arrives to do its damage in late summer or early fall ..More

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Deep Root Feeding Your Trees and Shrubs This Fall!

Local licensed contractors - Best DIY Blogs - . This pattern of hydraulic injections places the nutrients right in the root zone, where targeted trees and shrubs can access them. The individual injection sites are about two feet away from one another and six inches deep. The most effective way to do this is to make intermittent grid patterns of pressurized soil injections beginning about a foot away from the base and ending within the perimeter of the drip line or canopy of a given tree or shrub. Smaller shrubs receive injections equally spaced around the perimeter, as close to the base as is practical. Using specialized professional equipment, we inject liquid fertilizers into the root zone of targeted trees and shrubs ..More

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