Late Season Bloomers: How to Take Care of Fall Mums!

Find best 10 contractors - Service Forums & Faq Pages - Once new growth is underway, you may prune back any remaining dead stems. . Mums will generally lose their top growth after a hard frost and go dormant for the winter. The following spring, after the threat of frost has passed, pull the mulch back off the plants. At the end of the growing season, you can take steps to ensure that your perennials come back the following year. After this happens, cut the top growth back and cover all the plants with a thick layer of mulch ..More

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Sprinkler Maintenance Tips For This Fall

Directory listing of licensed contractors - Repair Tech Blog Pages - . Diagnostics will determine which of these is the case and what needs to be repaired or replaced in order to resolve the issue. a— Dead zones entire sections of a sprinkler system not receiving water may be caused by a line break, mechanical issues, electrical issues, or some combination of these ..More

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How Rust Lawn Disease Develops and Ways to Prevent It

Popular nationwide contractors - Talk To An Expert - Faqs - Message Board - You can reduce the likelihood of the disease developing again by following good cultural practices for proper mowing, watering and fertilizing for the type of turf that is in your lawn. ..More

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Pruning: How and When to Prune Flowering Plants

Locate Nearby licensed contractors - Repair Service blogspot - Repair, Maintenance & installation - Azaleas, for example, form buds all along the stem, so you can cut anywhere and still encourage buds to bloom. Some hydrangea bloom on the old wood while others bloom on the new growth. Some plant types will make this easy and others not so much. Hydrangeas are another story. The key is to figure out which type(s) you have. Plants that bloom in late summer or fall, on stem growth from the current growing season, should be pruned in winter or early spring, while the plant is dormant. During the growing season that follows, buds will form and bloom on the current year's growth. ..More

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How to Identify and Control Summer Lawn & Landscape Weeds

Find best 10 contractors - Helpful Resources - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - If not maintained, in a year or so, the mulch will be covered in all types of weeds. A three-inch layer of mulch will keep weeds down and provide nutrients to the plants growing in the garden as the mulch decomposes. Using mulch is a great way to keep weeds under check, but even it must be maintained on an annual basis. This means adding fresh mulch every year. ..More

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