How Rust Lawn Disease Develops and Ways to Prevent It

Local commercial contractors - Pro Forum Service Pages - The grass species that are most prone to develop Rust include Perennial Ryegrass, Tall Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, Zoysia Grass and St. org. Augustine Grass. . ntep. Some of the data may seem too technical, but if you scroll through the various reports, you will find a list of the species and cultivars that were tested, where they were tested and the quality ratings of each cultivar. Not all cultivars of these grasses are prone to Rust, which is a good idea to check for the cultivars that are less susceptible by searching the NTEP or National Turfgrass Evaluation Program by going to www ..More

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Fall Maintenance: Winterizing Your Lawn and Landscape!

Directory listing of technicians - Repair & Service Forums - This is particularly easy if your mower has an inline fuel valve between the tank and the engine. Whichever way you get it done, be sure to comply with the manufacturer's recommendations. . If possible, after you have cut grass for the last time, run the engine out of gas. After you add treated gasoline to the tank on your mower, be sure to start and run your mower to circulate the treated gas throughout the engine. Treat your gasoline with a fuel stabilizer when it's time to refill the gas can. Today's blended fuels tend to separate over time, which can cause a variety of problems in small engines. Whether you do it yourself or take the mower to a local shop, this is also a good time to change the oil and complete any other standard maintenance tasks that your mower requires, such as blade sharpening ..More

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Fall Chores: 10 Simple Fall Cleanup Tips For The Season

Service Expert commercial contractors - Guide & Tips On - Repair, Maintenance & installation - . While waiting for the leaves to drop, here are some other fall chores and projects that can be completed this season: ..More

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DIY Core Aeration Is Aerating Your Lawn Worth It?

Service Expert emergency contractors - Home Service Forums - This would be a piece of cake if the machine did all the work and the operator merely had to throw a switch on or off, but such is not the case. Soggy soil will clog the tines whereas overly dry soil will be difficult at best to penetrate. . The operator must also determine whether soil conditions are favorable before commencing the operation. The key concern here is moisture. The machine operator controls where the machine goes, taking special care to avoid damage to irrigation heads, pavement features, flower beds, children's toys, and other common obstacles. Aerating during a prolonged period of drought or excessive heat may do more harm than good ..More

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Spots on Maple Tree Leaves? It's Maple Tar Spot!

Find best 10 master contractors - Repair DIY Help Center - There is not much you can do to correct the problem, so learn to live with it. Any fungicide that is applied only protects a leaf for about 14 to 28 days and then it must be applied again. If the leaves from trees that were infected the previous year are not raked up, the source of infection is still present. . It is best to learn to live with a few leaves that have dollops of tar on them ..More

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