Don't Forget About Your Trees and Shrubs This Fall

Best Local contractors - DIY Guide Blogs - After the plants have been watered, add 3 inches of mulch to the planting bed to keep the soil from drying out. Do not pile the mulch up around the base of the tree or shrub, forming what are called mulch volcanoes. . This practice can lead to an increase in insect and disease development ..More

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Late Season Bloomers: How to Take Care of Fall Mums!

Listings Of emergency contractors - Tips - Service Advice - Repair, Maintenance & installation - Pinching off about an inch of new growth from the top of each stem, with or without buds, causes the plant to produce additional branches. Then using a sharp spade or knife, separate the outer parts of the plant from the center and replant them in a prepared soil bed, discarding the original center portion. Repeating this pinching process on every three to five inches of new growth until July will help ensure full-looking plants with many blooms. Pinching is a form of pruning that begins after the plant is about six inches tall and growth with new buds occurs. ..More

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Lookout and Prevent Fall Armyworms On Your Lawn!

Popular certified contractors - Talk To An Expert - Faqs - Message Board - . The larvae will range in color from light green, to olive green, to nearly black and have longitudinal stripes along their sides. The unpredictable nature of Fall Armyworms make it difficult at best to forecast where the worst infestations will occur in any given growing season. How can you tell if you are dealing with a Fall Armyworm? The adult moth of this species is dull colored,and has white blotches on the wings, which are about an inch and a half in length ..More

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Summer Lawn Care: Mowing and Watering Tips

Directory Listing Of master contractors - Service Expert Blogs - . It is critical to the health of the lawn to water properly and to set the mower to cut the lawn at a higher setting. It's summer, which means it's hot, and in many cases, dry. Lawns are showing the effects of these stress factors ..More

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Closer Look at Yellow Nutsedge

21 Best emergency contractors - Service Contractor Forums - . Yellow nutsedge, annual nutsedge, purple nutsedge, green kyllinga these are just a few of the types of sedges that can be found in the US. Sedges grow across the entire world in the temperate to tropical zones. Some other names for yellow nutsedge is nut grass, chufa sedge, tiger nuts or earth almond. The scientific name for yellow nutsedge is cyperus esculentus, which loosely translates to edible nut, and refers to the tuber that grows on the roots of the plant. It is native to the Mediterranean and was cultivated in ancient Egypt for its tasty oil and rich tubers ..More

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