Fall is a good time to fertilize cool season grasses!

Directory Listing Of professional contractors - Blogs On Diagnosis & Repair - A few cultural practices will also help your cool season lawn prepare for its winter nap. . As late fall approaches, begin to gradually bring the cutting height down on your mower. If you have a blanket of fallen leaves or other debris on the lawn, rake them up. Leaves can also be ground to a fine mulch with repeated mowing, though it is important to ensure that the resulting pieces have been finely ground. Also never adjust the mower so low that you are scalping the lawn all the way down to the soil surface. Do this in steps, over the course of several mowing, so that you are never removing too much of the grass blade at once, which would damage the turf instead of helping it. Both of these practices gradually lowering the grass height and keeping the lawn's surface breathable by controlling leaf cover and removing debris will help prevent diseases like snow mold from taking hold ..More

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Closer Look at Yellow Nutsedge

Popular nationwide residential contractors - Blogs On Diagnosis & Repair - . This is in addition to producing hundreds of tubers at the end of each rhizome. The type of rooting that yellow nutsedge produces is called a rhizome. These rhizomes can produce several hundred daughter plants from the original plant within one year. These offspring can spread as far as 4 to 6 feet away from the original mother plant ..More

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Why Do Leaves Change Color In The Fall?

Locate Nearby technicians - Repair & Service Guide - . The longer the process takes, the longer the colors lasts. As these cells begin to breakdown at the end of the growing season, the leaf will eventually break off and fall away. How long the color lasts mainly depends on how long it takes for the abscission cells to breakdown and fall away ..More

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Fall Maintenance: Winterizing Your Lawn and Landscape!

Popular nationwide certified contractors - Home services Support Blogs - Late fall fertilization will help your lawn improve root growth and build up its strength to endure the upcoming winter months. There may still be a few weeds that can be controlled at this time of year too. Nutrients will also be stored by the root system to provide for a quicker green-up the following spring. Just as growth above the ground requires proper nourishment, so does this important growth beneath the surface. If you gradually lower your mowing height toward the very end of the season, you will reduce the chances for diseases, such as snow mold, to take hold and may also reduce the tan/brown portion of the grass blades. . In preparation for winter, your lawn's root system continues to grow during the fall season ..More

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Sprinkler Maintenance Tips For This Fall

Popular nationwide licensed contractors - Repair & Service Forums - There are many possible causes for this, including winter damage, unusual activity, and ordinary deterioration. . a— Persistent puddling or saturated areas, even when the sprinklers are off, may indicate a line break ..More

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