Pruning: How and When to Prune Flowering Plants

Listings Of emergency contractors - Talk To An Expert - Forum - You want to prune before buds are set to keep from disturbing the following year's blooms. The key is to determine when and where the plant sets its buds for the next season. When and where to prune a flowering plant largely depends on when and where it blooms. In general terms, we want to prune after flowering is finished but before budding begins. Properly timing the pruning of your flowering plants can make the difference between magnificent blooms next season, or every gardener's fear no flowers at all. ..More

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Why Do Leaves Change Color In The Fall?

Search and locate professional contractors - Helpful Articles and details on repair & services - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - And a killing frost ends the show completely by killing all the pigments in the leaves no matter what stage they're in. Depending on the amount of red or yellow pigments produced in the leaves determines the shade of orange the leaf becomes. If the nights get too cool or the days are overcast, you end up with an off year for tree color. ..More

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Closer Look at Yellow Nutsedge

Popular nationwide professional contractors - Code Compliance Blogs - When looking at a cross section, the stem is triangular. Yellow nutsedge can grow 8a€“30 inches tall and has an extensive underground network, roots, rhizomes, and tubers. The seed head is yellow-brown, golden, or straw colored. The leaves are bright green with a prominent midrib and arise from the base of the plant. ..More

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Identify and Repair Lawn Disease

Popular master contractors - Repair DIY Wikipedia - This article will provide some basic information for repairing lawn disease. Having to repair your grass that has succumbed due to lawn disease can be time consuming and expensive. How the repair is accomplished is different for cool-season grasses than it is for warm-season grasses. ..More

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Thicken Your Lawn: It's Time For Overseeding!

Best Local master contractors - Ask And Expert - Repair & Service Guide - . Instead of waiting for the thin areas or bare spots to appear, they will reseed the lawn so that the new grass plants appear before the weak areas are able to develop. Lawn care professionals will frequently use overseeding as a preventative measure. Rather than fixing a poor-looking lawn, this proactive approach keeps the turf looking full, green, and healthy ..More

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