Fall is a good time to fertilize cool season grasses!

Find best 10 emergency contractors - Home Contractor Forums - Both of these practices gradually lowering the grass height and keeping the lawn's surface breathable by controlling leaf cover and removing debris will help prevent diseases like snow mold from taking hold. . Do this in steps, over the course of several mowing, so that you are never removing too much of the grass blade at once, which would damage the turf instead of helping it. A few cultural practices will also help your cool season lawn prepare for its winter nap. Also never adjust the mower so low that you are scalping the lawn all the way down to the soil surface. As late fall approaches, begin to gradually bring the cutting height down on your mower. Leaves can also be ground to a fine mulch with repeated mowing, though it is important to ensure that the resulting pieces have been finely ground. If you have a blanket of fallen leaves or other debris on the lawn, rake them up ..More

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Spots on Maple Tree Leaves? It's Maple Tar Spot!

List Of contractors - Repairman Forum Pages - Universities recommend that infected leaves be raked up and removed from the lawn area to lessen the chance of reinfection to the tree. Current research has shown that the black tar spot fungus does not cause any long-term damage to the tree. ..More

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Why Do Leaves Change Color In The Fall?

Directory Of master contractors - Tips - Service Advice - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - The color that the leaves turn in the fall depends on the plant's genetic makeup. A  If it is important to you to have plants with a nice fall color, inquire about the plants fall color before purchasing. A  The sooner a hard frost occurs, more leaves are killed off before having the opportunity to change color. The intensity of the colors, especially scarlets, oranges and golds, the weather must be almost perfect along with plenty of soil moisture. ..More

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How to Identify and Control Summer Lawn & Landscape Weeds

Find commercial contractors - Service Expert Blogs - Both life cycles can be frustrating when trying to control them and perennials are usually more difficult to eliminate. In the world of weeds, there are weeds that are around all the time such as perennials, and then there are weeds that only show up for a short time, also called annuals. ..More

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Perimeter Pest Control: Keeping Insects Out Of Your House

List Of professional contractors - Talk Repair - Forums - A  These are easily replaced and will also help to keep out insects. . Sometimes the vinyl on a threshold can wear out and no longer remain in good contact with an outside door. A  Of course, making sure doors are not left open for an extended period of time is also a good idea, but can be a challenge if there are small children in the home. A  Repair rips or tears in window and door screens is another good practice ..More

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