Don't Forget About Your Trees and Shrubs This Fall

Find professional contractors - Do's N Don't's - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - . After the plants have been watered, add 3 inches of mulch to the planting bed to keep the soil from drying out. This practice can lead to an increase in insect and disease development. Do not pile the mulch up around the base of the tree or shrub, forming what are called mulch volcanoes ..More

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Fall Maintenance: Winterizing Your Lawn and Landscape!

Local certified contractors - Service Blogs & Faq Pages - After you add treated gasoline to the tank on your mower, be sure to start and run your mower to circulate the treated gas throughout the engine. Whether you do it yourself or take the mower to a local shop, this is also a good time to change the oil and complete any other standard maintenance tasks that your mower requires, such as blade sharpening. Today's blended fuels tend to separate over time, which can cause a variety of problems in small engines. This is particularly easy if your mower has an inline fuel valve between the tank and the engine. If possible, after you have cut grass for the last time, run the engine out of gas. Whichever way you get it done, be sure to comply with the manufacturer's recommendations. . Treat your gasoline with a fuel stabilizer when it's time to refill the gas can ..More

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Is it Too Late to Apply Nitrogen Fertilizer to Warm Season Grasses?

Best Local technicians - Service Technician Forum Pages - A Applying a high rate of nitrogen after the middle of September for the more moderate warm-season areas will increase the shoot and leaf growth while the plant is slowing its growth. Centipede, St. . Augustine, Hybrid Bermuda and Zoysia grass are the most common warm season grasses and they usually go dormant in the late fall ..More

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Identify and Repair Lawn Disease

10 Best reputed professional contractors - Repair & Service Forums - One of the major lawn diseases that affects these grasses is called Large Patch. This disease starts to infect the plants in the fall, but the damage is not observed until the following spring. . Often, the turf will recover by sending out new stolons to fill in the damage areas, but it often shows up again the following year the damaged areas may increase in size every year. Sometimes the damage will be severe and the area should be resodded ..More

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DIY Core Aeration Is Aerating Your Lawn Worth It?

10 Best reputed industrial contractors - Forums On Repair Issues - The application of additional grass seed to an existing lawn, sometimes called overseeding or reseeding, is best done immediately following core aeration of a lawn. Fertilizer applications are also more effective at this time. . This is because the openings caused by the aeration process make it easier for the new seed and/or nutrients to penetrate the soil. Obviously the individual applying these materials must know what to apply and at what rate ..More

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